The CCGT Power Plant

The proposed Szeged Energia project will be one of the most efficient plants of its kind in Europe. The CCGT technology is a safe and proven technology, which has been used in many countries for decades. We are planning to build the project in two stages and erect one unit at first. The second unit will follow once the electricity demand and market conditions in Hungary so allow.

The following table provides an overview of the main facts and figures of the Szeged Energia project:

Type Combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant
Capacity 920 MW (2 x 460 MW)
Efficiency > 58%
Fuel Natural gas +
Fuel oil as back-up as required by the Electricity Act (2007)
Cooling method Hybrid cooling cells using water and air
Main plant components 2 units, each consisting of 1 gas turbine with generator, 1 heat recovery system generator with 1 steam turbine and 1 electric generator
Site size 13 hectares

To find out more about how a CCGT power plant works, go to our Energy Glossary.