Air emissions

The emissions to air from the power generation process are odourless and the emission levels are low because natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel. The main substances in the emissions are air, water vapour and carbon dioxide (CO2). The nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide are far below the admissible limits.

Any emissions from the Szeged Energia project are subject to very strict regulations. The environmental experts to the project and the authorities thoroughly study any impacts on human beings, plants and animals, or the environment in the vicinity potentially arising from the project within the permitting procedures.

The CO2 emissions from the project will also be significantly lower than those of other old fossil-fuelled power plants. The below is a comparison of the CO2 emissions of the currently most modern power generation technologies using gas, hard coal and lignite:



The CO2 emissions from the plant will not have a direct impact on the local climate. The discussions about global warming focus on rising CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere and, as a consequence, measures to reduce CO2 emission levels. Gas power plants like the one proposed in Szeged will contribute to reducing the emission concentrations because older and more inefficient coal and gas power stations are expected to be shut down.